Coarse / Feeder fishing

Catching peaceful fish, also known as white fish, with a float rod or feeder is known as coarse fishing. In Lithuania, there is no single word to describe and combine these two fisheries, but they are very closely linked and often fall into the same category. This is because the same accessories are used, the same chairs or platforms are used, the same baits are prepared in a similar way and the principle of fishing is similar, but different rods are used. Some are designed to be fished with a float, others with a feeder. In terms of target fish, this category includes fishing for small white fish such as roach, chub, bream, bream, etc., as well as for larger catches such as crucian carp, tench, roach, broadbill or hake. Only carp fishing is so popular and sophisticated that it is already classified as a separate fishery.

Bottom fishing

Bottom fishing is fishing with different types of bait. The fishing is carried out using bottom fishing rods or fiddlers. Classic bottom fishing rods are usually powerful rods with larger rings and a thick tip. They are placed on a rack or stakes and the bite is observed by hanging a swing or monkey on the line. Fishing is usually done with more than one rod and without attempting to bait a single point.
Feeder fishing is fishing usually with a single rod with interchangeable limbs, where the bite is seen by observing the limbs. The principle is to bait a single point and try to catch fish concentrated on that point with the bait.

Float fishing

Float fishing is fishing using a float. It can be fished with a variety of different floating rods. Both with rods without reels and rings and with bolon or match rods. All these accessories are linked to fishing by one small accessory - the float.

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