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They say there is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing. To be sure, fishermen pay a lot of attention to their clothing, as it is often very difficult to choose the weather on the days you are going fishing. And poor fishing clothing can ruin fishing very quickly. And not just in winter or summer rain, but also on the hottest days of summer. Fishing clothes are made for all four seasons, and for many fishermen fishing clothes cost twice as much as the rest of their clothes.

Winter fishing clothing

The winter season is probably the most important season, and this is where fishing clothes play the most important role. You can be very comfortable, or you can be sweaty, wet, cold or very uncomfortable. The right fishing clothes can help you to stay both sweat-free and cold-free. The biggest mistake that many fishermen make is using cotton underwear in winter. Cotton is a very poor evaporator of moisture and should be avoided. Yes, cotton is relatively cheap and easy to care for, but it traps the moisture of sweat inside and the comfort of sweating disappears in an instant. Underwear can be merino wool, which is not irritating to the skin, keeps you warm and breathes well, or high-quality synthetics. The second layer you choose is less important, but it should be warm and not interfere with movement. And of course, the main garment is the suit. The suit must be breathable. Non-breathable suits are cheap and may be warm, but they won't allow you to fish actively without getting sweaty. It is best to choose suits that are at least slightly breathable. 3000 or 5000 breaths is already sufficient for winter fishing. Water resistance is also an advantage, but not as important as in other seasons. In winter, the rain is not heavy and a thick suit will not get soaked quickly.

Autumn and spring clothes for fishing

Autumn and spring are similar seasons in terms of warmth, so the clothes are more or less the same. The most common garments are first and second layer underwear and a membrane suit without insulation. The first layer of clothing is no different from the winter layer. Thermal clothing should be either merino wool or good synthetics, as the cheapest synthetics get soaked with sweat very quickly and are not really pleasant to wear. The second layer is most popular in microfleece, as this synthetic evaporates very quickly and is comfortable to wear. And if you are cold in the autumn with a membrane suit but don't want to wear a winter suit yet, go for primaloft underwear. The price is not low, but there is no better insulating material than primaloft so far.

The main layer in autumn and spring is the outer suit. Its purpose is to protect the fisherman from wind and rain. It is very important to choose the right suit for your needs. It is good to know that if you are looking for a suit that can represent half a day in serious rain and stay dry, you will have to shake your wallet. The waterproofing then needs to be 20 000mm. Any suit with a water resistance of 8,000, 10,000 or 12,000 will only last the first or second year. Later, when the factory impregnation is weakened, the membrane will not be able to cope with heavy rain on its own without assistance (impregnation). Breathability should not be forgotten, but this is more a question of comfort. Unlike in sub-zero temperatures in winter, it is not a big tragedy to get a little sweaty in autumn or spring. A very good breathability is 10 000 g/m2, but 8 000 g/m2 or 5000 g/m2 is sufficient. Many fishermen look only at the membrane data and choose a suit online, but this can lead to a poor purchase. Other characteristics of the suit should also be considered. A suit can be completely basic, just for protection against unexpected rain, or it can be comfortable, convenient and durable.

Summer clothing for fishing

When it comes to summer clothing, all a fisherman needs is UV-resistant clothing and a thin membrane base suit against rain. The most common item fishermen buy is a long-sleeved UV shirt with a hood. They are an indispensable helper on hot sunny days. Such clothing helps to avoid sunburn and sunstroke and makes it much easier to endure the heat. In summer, it is also useful to have a thin basic rain suit in your bag or rucksack, which takes up very little space. Such suits are not expensive and even serve the same purpose as raincoats. They are just much more comfortable than raincoats, and they are breathable, so you won't get wet not only on the outside but also on the inside.

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