Method feeder

Method feeder fishing has two branches: in commercial waters and in non-commercial waters.
The commercial waters are mainly fished by sportsmen preparing for or competing in competitions, while the non-commercial waters are fished by anyone who wants to try this relatively new branch of bottom fishing.

Fishing in commercial waters

Carp fishing is the most common fishery in commercial waters. In the past, carp were mainly caught with carp fishing gear, but in the last few years, method fishing has become very popular. Method fishing is very different from classic carp fishing. It uses a single feeder rod and is faster and more dynamic. Commercial method fishing has become very popular because, unlike carping, competitions are usually held on a single day and the cost of the fishing itself and the necessary equipment is much lower. While carping involves a lot of baits and lures being thrown into the water, method fishing is much more modest. A couple of kilograms of bait and a minimum of lures on the hair are enough for a session.
Fishing in non-commercial water bodies
The Method system is also used for fishing in wild water bodies. It is usually a rather specific fishery and is certainly not more effective than simple feeder fishing in all places. The Method method is not suitable for smaller fish. It is a targeted method for catching larger fish. In addition to carp, the most common species caught by method fishing are tench, bream and crucian carp.

Method system

Method systems are very simple: an in-line method jig and a short leash with a hair system. You can buy already tied systems online with different ways of fixing the bait. The most popular is the pin system, where a pin on the hair is inserted into the buoy or wafter.

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