Pontoon21 wobblers are extremely popular in Lithuania and are probably the most sold wobblers in our country. This is due to several reasons. First of all, there is an endless range for all types of fish and all types of angling. Almost every Pontoon21 wobbler model is available in 3 different buoyancy levels (floating, sinking and suspending), and practically all minnow models are also available in several (3 or even 5) different lengths, and several diving depths (SSR, SR, MR, DR). Secondly, their colour palette, which seems to be partly borrowed from ZipBaits wobblers, is also huge and very good. We will find the right colour for every situation. With such a huge selection of wobblers, probably one of the largest in the world, it is hard not to be popular. The third reason is the price, which is much lower than Japanese or Rapalo wobblers, and the quality of Ponnton 21 wobblers is impeccable. All minnows are equipped with a long-range casting system, everything is made with maximum detail and precision. All the wobblers work as they should and it is very rare to have a broach.

The most popular Pontoon21 models

For pike, the most popular twitching model is the Cablista. Some people prefer the Cablista 105mm to the 125mm. However, both of these models cast very well and work very well in the twist. Perhaps even more popular for pike is not the Cablista, but the shad-shaped Bet A Shad. This is a very low-diving flat crank that can be used for both jigging and casting or trolling. It is very popular with pike anglers looking for pike in the shallows. It also has a casting system that casts very far. It is available in 3 sizes: the most popular are the 75 and 63mm models.

Another subject where Pontoon is very strong is small wobblers, both crankbaits and small minnows. The Pontoon21 Red Rag crankbait is one of the most popular wobblers for shad. The Pontoon Crack Jack 48 and 58mm wobblers are versatile killers. They catch anything that moves. Trout, shad and salmon in summer. Sturgeon don't shy away from them either.

The Crack Jack and Greedy Guts series of medium-sized minnows are also popular with pike and salmon, but they are also highly appreciated by sturgeon anglers with wobblers. The Pontoon21 Crack Jack 78Sp SR can be safely described as a sturgeon wobbler. As mentioned, another very suitable wobbler for sturgeon is the Greedy Guts 77. It is a bit more active and casts further than the CracjlJack model.

The range of Pontoon21 wobblers is very wide, both online and in the physical shop. We always have good prices and promotions.

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