Rapala wobblers are the best-selling wobblers in the world. It was 60 years ago, and it is still so today. No other company is able to achieve such popularity and it is unlikely to do so any time soon. In Lithuania, Rapala wobblers are primarily associated with trolling, and that is because, at least here in Lithuania, it is very popular to troll with expensive Japanese wobblers, but for trolling, the Japanese are no match for Rapala.

The most popular Rapala trolling wobblers are Rapala Deep Tail Dancer, Rapala Shad Rap, Rapala Deep Husky Jerk, Rapala Scatter Tail Dancer and Rapala Shad Dancer. In the last few years Rapala has invested heavily and has started to produce wobblers with much more advanced painting technology than before. Now you can get naturalistic colours that are the envy of Japanese manufacturers, which is not only popular with fishermen, but also with the fish.

Leaving wooden trolling wobblers aside, it is worth noting how Rapala has made great progress in the development of plastic wobblers. It is obvious that Rapala engineers are following the Japanese and adopting certain technologies from them, because the new Rapala wobblers, both surface and UL, are really challenging the popular Japanese lures. However, Rapala would not be Rapala without trying to innovate itself. Its new BX Skitter Frog has no analogues on the market and is one of the most spearing surface lures available. So if you're after pike in the grass, be sure to give this lure a try, you won't be disappointed.

Another very strong group of Rapala lures are the big lures, jerk baits or wobbler/rubber hybrids. Here the Japanese are second to none and Rapala is leading in this category too. The X-Rap Peto and X-Rap Otus are amazing bigbaits, often outperforming and outlasting the big rubber, as they have a much higher bite percentage and the lure is much longer lasting.

Visit us online or in person at Pramonės pr. 41a. Kaunas, there is always a good Rapala price and a huge selection. If you buy online, we will deliver the wobblers immediately, because we have them in our warehouse, and we do not sell them like many warehouses from Estonia. Wobblers are also often on sale or on sale for surplus items or old models.

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