Bags, Bagpacks

One of the most indispensable accessories for a fisherman is a bag or backpack. Nobody carries a bag these days. All fishermen have bags or backpacks.

Backpack for fishing

Fishing rucksacks are used both for carrying things to the fishing spot and for active fishing, walking or wading. In the first case, backpacks are large and roomy, in the second case, they are small, so that you can also wave your fishing rod around. The most popular walking rucksacks are called 'sling bags'. They are half backpack, half shoulder bag, which sits in the backpack when walking and can be slid over the chest with a flick of the wrist when stopping to change lures and open safely to change lures. These hybrid fishing bags have replaced the previously popular simple shoulder bags with a shoulder strap, which were less convenient to take baits from and more distracting to swing the rod. Such bags are already produced by many companies (Rapala, Shimano, Golden Catch) and their price ranges from 40 to 70 euros.

Boat spinning bags

Spinning bags are baskets of various sizes in which rectangular boxes are placed. They are made of plain solid fabric or semi-rigid EVA material. The EVA bag often comes with two rod holders on the side, which make it easy to put your rods in when preparing for fishing or swimming. Bags made of fabric do not have such holders, but have many additional compartments or pockets for small items. It is therefore really difficult to say which is the better bag. There are plenty of different fishing bags available online, but we guarantee that all the most popular models are also available in our online and physical store.

All-purpose bags for fishing

All-purpose bags are usually larger bags with a soft material but a packed bottom. They can hold a variety of larger items or extra clothing. They are commonly referred to in English as "Carry All" bags.

Cooling bags

All-purpose bags with thermal insulation are available for fishing. In summer, they can be used to carry a variety of items, including live bait or perishables. However, this type of bag is ideal for all seasons. The insulation material does not really prevent the bag from being used for a variety of purposes and, on a hot day, it can also be used as a cooler with ice capsules. Such bags are known in English as "Bait bags".

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